Hello, Coaching By Karen!

This page is strictly for you. It provides a copy of the current Agreement, list of agreed-upon services, and general updates on current projects. Additionally, it offers a payment gateway for monthly and special services as needed.

For 2016, your basic monthly payments will be $525/mo. See Column 1, below, for services provided under this plan. These payments will automatically be charged the first of every month.

Additionally, as of 12/10/2015, you have a credit of $2,275 for tasks not included in your (above) monthly services. You will receive monthly tracking reports on this page beginning January 30th, 2016.

If you have any questions, please contact me at (904) 631-2427.

Basic Monthly Services

  • Web hosting with weekly backup & firewall
  • Domain Registration for “CoachingByKarenNutter.com, LifeCoachingByKaren, KarenNutter.com, and “ThePowerOfEQ.com”
  • Online Business Listing
  • Landing Page Hosting
  • Basic SEO tasks & monitoring for CoachingByKarenNutter.com
  • Basic Social Media Account management
  • Basic Constant Contact email/newsletter management
  • Weekly Audio Coach creation & posting

The agreed-upon cost of these services is $525/mo. for a 12 month period beginning January 1, 2016.

Progress Update

Updates as of 1/4/2016:

  • Completed general marketing schedule for first half of 2016
  • Completed first draft of BNI Presentation
  • Created “Inspirational images” for January postings
  • Created and published Audio Coach week 1
  • Re-designed January newsletter and created related blog post

Currently working on:

  • SEO tasks for website
  • Editing of non-profit article
  • Writing January articles/blogs
  • Updating Facebook Timeline image
  • Updating info for online local business listing

Make your monthly recurring payment

by clicking the “Subscribe” button below. Your account will automatically be charged $525 on the first of every month for the services described under “Basic Monthly Services.”