Advanced Marketing Planning
This form is designed to help you determine which aspects of advanced marketing would work best for your business and assist you in planning your programs.


Please answer these questions only if you are planning on offering a workshop or series of workshops. Online workshops have become one of the best ways to attract new clients during these days of COVID concerns.
When do you plan to offer your first workshop? What dates do you have in mind for subsequent workshops? (if applicable)
Select one primary access even if different workshops will require different types of access.
Select all that apply
If you are planning to use online ads, direct mail, and/or printed advertisements, how much are you budgeting to pay for these forms of marketing per workshop?
Free downloads such as guides, tip sheets, digital books; free consultations, etc.
A custom landing page provides the details about the workshop and how it will benefit participants. It is an important part of the marketing plan, especially for programs requiring registration.
Technical support includes: setting up the Zoom or other webinar program; sitting in on the workshop(s) with copies of the presentation and other materials in the event technology fails; fielding and forwarding participant questions as needed
What will you do AFTER the workshop is complete? How will you reach out to registered participants? What will you offer participants? What will you do for people who registered but did not attend?


• Drip campaigns are effective when you have new customers/clients you want to bring up to speed, or when you have potential clients you want to win over. • You can set up as many drip messages as desired. And, they can be as simple as one basic message/topic, or with several messages/topics which looks more like a newsletter. • Drip messages can be timed out in any manner you desire. From minutes/hours between messages to days/weeks between messages. • To initiate a drip campaign, you must have a contact management program that allows automation. The program you have determines how substantive your drip campaign can be. For some businesses, Constant Contact and MailChimp will work. Others require more diverse programs. (TERIC offers a comprehensive drip program if needed.) • A minimum of 4 drip messages are recommended for each specific campaign.
Each drip campaign must have a specific purpose/theme. It could be to teach people more about the products/services you offer, highlights on one specific product/service, or information and tips relating to one topic area.
You must determine how people will be added into the drip automation - what will start the campaign? Select all that apply.
Please share any additional comments/considerations/questions you have regarding Workshops or Drip Campaigns.