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February 8, 2015
Keep Your Business Moving Forward
July 13, 2015

Are You Social Enough?


This week, I was in two different meetings with potential clients who learned the hard way that websites are not like baseball fields in the movie Field of Dreams – “If you build it, they will come” just doesn’t work for websites.

Many people ask me “How can I get my site to show up on the first page in Google?” Well, the answer to that is complicated and simple at the same time – you need to have website clout and numerous links coming into your site. How you get clout and links is something many companies pay BIG money for as they hire marketers to manage their SEO (Search Engine Optimization), invest a lot of money into online advertising, publish numerous posts, and work with other businesses that link to their site. It’s a very intricate and complicated process that, thanks to Google, is constantly changing.

As a small business, I know all too well how tight a budget can be – especially in the beginning. Still, there are a few things you can do to get the ball rolling in your favor. Here is my “Teri’s Top 5” list to get you started in building your online clout:

  1. Create social media accounts with any APPROPRIATE service for your business. Generally, it’s good for a small business to be on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn. Some businesses also do well representing their products on Pinterest, Instagram, and/or Tumblr. And, make sure you have a custom image/presence on these sites to reinforce not only who you are, but that you’re a professional business that takes its image seriously.
  2. Publish a new original post/blog at least once a week. Make sure it’s something helpful and informative to your clientele, AND make sure you post it not just on your website, but on your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and/or your other appropriate social media accounts.
  3. Be friendly with other businesses. It can benefit you AND your clients if you have a resource page that includes links to businesses that your clients may need, and those businesses include links to your site, too. The more websites that link to your site, the better for you, so reach out and cross-market with other small businesses!
  4. Along the same lines as #3, swap out guest blogs with other business owners who may have information that is good for your clients. You write an article for them, they write an article for you, all your clients and theirs benefit from the new information!
  5. Get your business listed online in every major service, especially locally. Your business should be listed with Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yelp, Manta, and many others. Locally, make sure you’re listed with the top sites for your area. In Jacksonville, you definitely want to have a presence on and the Business Journal.

There are MANY other things you can do to get your site recognized, but this is a good place to start!