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Don’t Tell Your Employer, But…


Don’t tell your employer, but…

Are you unhappy at work? Are you thinking you may need to start your own business? Research says that approximately 70% of U.S. employees are not happy at their job, and considering the number of people who are venturing out to start their own business, I think that number is pretty accurate. But, being an entrepreneur is not easy. When you first start your a business YOU are responsible for EVERYTHING. You do the planning, marketing, budgeting, data entry, bookkeeping, and even cleaning…. Not to mention the fact that you need to be self-motivated and independent enough to get up every morning and work diligently on all the pieces and parts that can make or break your business. Obviously, being self-employed is not for everyone, but that doesn’t imply you can’t find meaning in your work-life.

Which of these statements most accurately reflects how you feel?

“I can’t quit, but I don’t want to stay.”
It is REALLY hard to get up in the morning if you hate going to work. I know. I’ve been there a couple times. The days are long, co-workers who once seemed normal now are the most irritating people you’ve ever met, and your boss is and incompetent jerk. You wake up in the morning and cry at the thought of spending another second in that wasteland. It’s awful, and after a while, the negativity you feel at work begins to affect your entire life.

There ARE options. Always. But, maybe your circumstances don’t allow for changes such as: finding a new job; acquiring a new skill; getting a college degree or specialization certification; and/or finding a coach who can help you create a new life for yourself. Just because your options may SEEM limited, doesn’t mean they are.

On the other hand, maybe you’re someone who thinks “My job is OK but I want to be more successful.”

Maybe you’re part of the 30% that is generally content at work, but you want more. Perhaps you’re a successful real estate agent that wants to be in the top 5% in your area. Or, you work in a large corporation that you believe in, and want to move up the ladder. Or, maybe you’ve recently started a new job and are excited and energized, and you want to stay that way.

Regardless of where you are in the spectrum of job satisfaction, there is something absolutely essential to your success that you may not realize. Something that can truly change the way you look at every minute you spend working, and bring your goals closer than you could ever imagine. (Are you ready for this?) No matter where you work, or who signs your paycheck, you ALWAYS work for yourself.

That’s right. You can work anywhere, for anyone – whether it’s the worst job of your life or the best – and no matter what, you work for yourself. Everything you do at work can bring you closer to your dreams, even if you are on the bottom rungs of the corporate ladder. Think outside the box a little and you’ll remember why you work in the first place – you work to make money so you can pay your bills and create the life you desire. Right? Isn’t that your basic goal – to create the life you desire? Well, then, it’s imperative you recognize how everything you do at work affects your #1 goal. Every minute you work, you are engaging in the success of YOUR life. Think about this for a minute:

How different would your day be if everything you did (or didn’t do) directly affected your success?  

  • Every task you carry out, large or menial, is done to advance your success. Yep, even when you’re cleaning the toilets, you’re doing so to advance your career, so clean them with precision and gusto!
  • Every interaction with every person you work with, work for, and meet provides an opportunity for career advancement.  It’s much easier to be nice to everyone when you keep in mind that every communication can positively influence your life. You never know who is going to notice, and what circumstances they may bring your way. As an introvert, it is often difficult for me to “put myself out there.” But, everytime I do I increase my network, which ultimately increases my opportunities in life.
  • How you present yourself impacts others’ opinion of you. So, recognize that you’re the “boss” of your success and then think and act appropriately, regardless of your current job title. Emulate a successful professional that you respect, and dress and act like they do. Today’s business style may not have the strict suits and ties it used to, but looking like you just rolled out of bed doesn’t show how serious you are about your job, let alone your self-worth. And, be polite – listen to other people, (They often have great ideas and advice if you are open enough to listen.) and be helpful at all times, for all things, to all people. After all, your success depends on it.
  • How you perceive your job determines how your job affects you. Have you heard the story about the janitor at NASA who described his job by saying “I’m helping put a man on the moon?” Think that way and suddenly the most mundane and obnoxious tasks become important – and so do you!

As a society, we have forgotten how important every person is in creating the world in which we live. We have put too much of our personal power in other people’s  hands, and we often fail to take responsibility for our own lives. But, when you think about it honestly, no one can stop us from accomplishing our goals except us.

What you do, say, demonstrate, and think determines where and how far you will go. Your boss may tell you what to do, but you get to determine how to do it, and how to think about and appreciate the opportunities at hand.

In the long run, everything you do is for your own personal gain and benefit, so start acting appropriately, and stop thinking that you’re working for someone else, when in fact you are always working for yourself.

Do you feel empowered and inspired?