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June 5, 2020
Creating A Culture of Solutions
August 4, 2020

Teri A. Coutu, Business & Marketing Consultant

Every day, I hear from a colleague, friend or family member about how COVID has upset their work-life and financial stability. Whether they have been living in fear that they will be furloughed, or they’re entering their sixth month of being unemployed, most everyone I know has been feeling stressed at some level.

Now that things are opening back up, it’s been great to see job opportunities on the rise again. However, some people are faced with a new stress as they try to decide, “Should I take that job even though it really isn’t a good fit for me?” Realistically, the first answer may depend on how you are managing financially and how important it is to get money coming in. But, that doesn’t minimize the importance of ensuring you engage in finding the right fit.

It is very tempting to accept any job offer when you need money. And, you’ll probably tell yourself that it’s only temporary until you find something better. But, putting yourself in an unfulfilling situation can make you miserable, and that can lead to numerous health issues including not being able to sleep, headaches, body aches, and digestive issues, not to mention mental and emotional health challenges.

Job Alignment
Just as smart businesses invest in tools and processes that help them find the right employee for the right position, you need to invest in knowing yourself well enough to make sure you work in the right position at the right place that aligns with your career and personal goals, values, and standards.

Job seekers who recognize their own needs, preferences, and characteristics can effectively search for positions that are a good match. Here are a few questions to help you define what you’re looking for beyond the basic job search criteria:

  • What behaviors does the job require? If it needs someone who is great in managing details and you can do that but truthfully you see little details as time-wasters, that’s likely to cause on-going challenges for you. Knowing what your behavioral style is and the characteristics that go along with it can help you look at job descriptions in a more effective manner that allows you to find a good match and avoid a bad one.
  • What are the company’s core values? Core values are the foundation of a company’s culture, and they create the climate in which you will work. Solid, quality companies share their core values with all employees and strive to exemplify them in everything they do. Don’t be afraid to ask what they are, and if they don’t match yours, you may want to keep searching.
  • Does the position connect with your intrinsic motivators? For instance, if you really love learning new things and expanding your knowledge, but the job requires you to do things a set way and there’s no opportunity to grow, you’re likely to get bored and burned out pretty quickly. Search for opportunities that inspire your driving forces.
  • What is the communication style of your direct manager? Knowing how your boss (and anyone else) likes to communicate can help you adjust your communication style to match, and create a more harmonious atmosphere in which to work. To do this, you can ask if they have ever taken a DISC Assessment and what their primary profile is. Then, follow suggestions on DISC Communication Tips.

Working Happy
Considering the fact that we spend approximately one-third of our life at work, it’s important to find the right job with the right company in order to live a fulfilling life. Regardless of your position or industry, the right job is the one that allows and inspires you to do your best by connecting with the intrinsic characteristics that bring meaning to your life. Unfortunately, you’re not likely to just stumble across a job that will do this – you need to first know yourself. Fortunately, there are assessments that provide insights into your “How’s” and “Why’s” so you can look for a job that’s a good fit instead of a just quick fix.

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