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July 13, 2015
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Keep Your Business Moving Forward


Many business owners think they can put up a website and then they don’t really have to worry about it anymore – or, at least for a while. Unfortunately, that is far from true. Just because you have a website doesn’t mean people are going to magically find you on the Internet.

  • Once your website is up and active, you want to start doing things that will protect your site, and attract more people to your site/business.You’ve just spent your hard-earned money building a website, you don’t want to have to pay to get it re-built. With that in mind, the first thing I usually recommend to clients is that they invest in website security and backups. Get a firewall for your site to make it hard to hack into, and have your site set for automatic daily or weekly backups in the event something happens and your site goes down. The security I use constantly scans your site for problems, and I add an extra touch by changing the common WordPress login page to a custom, discreet one. Why is security so important? Would you build a house and not get homeowner’s insurance?
  • Knowing your site is secure, the next step should be to start making your mark on the Internet. This is done by getting your site listed on every business listing service you can. Unfortunately, this can be a daunting task as there are literally hundreds. Few new businesses know how to get listed and which sites on which they should be listed, and frankly, you have better things to do with your time. Additionally, you want to make sure you are plugged into social media as that helps the search engine robots find you, and the more they find you, the more potential customers can find you.
  • From here, the next steps change somewhat depending on the business, but generally I recommend businesses start paying attention to the SEO of their site. Search Engine Optimization is an ever-growing, ever-changing area of web presence. There are multiple considerations that must be constantly reviewed in order to not only ensure that your site is properly search engine optimized, but also that every post you make takes SEO into consideration. Some new/small businesses may want to learn SEO, and I DO recommend you learn some of the basics, but generally, SEO is a full-time job that is best left to someone who can manage it for you while you’re overseeing other aspects of business growth.
  • Another important step in keeping your business moving forward relates directly to items #2 and 3, but is a strong priority in and of itself: Posting and Social Media Engagement. How often a business should post something online via their blog or social media varies depending on the business and their audience. However, I generally recommend three posts per week. The content of these posts can vary to include original articles, links to related content that will serve your customers/followers, promotional posts, and written, audio or video tips. The key is continuing to put your business out there while creating an informative and engaging opportunity for your customers. If you’re a creative type, you may want to write your own articles and create your own promotional posts and tips, if not, or if you have enough on your plate – hire someone to handle that for you.
  • Once you have your site protected and listed, your social media accounts active and properly populated with quality content, and everything is being managed for SEO, it’s time to start engaging in some online advertising. Pay-per-click ads are a BIG benefit to your site’s SEO, not to mention a great way to draw people to your business. Whether you put your money into social media ads such as on Facebook or LinkedIn, or crank things up and advertise through Google AdWords or a similar program, online advertising is THE way to reach the masses. What’s nice is you can usually set a budget of as little as $5/day. The key here is to know exactly who your target market is and design ads to attract them.


So, if you follow the process, it looks like this:

Build Website > Secure Website > Get Biz Listed and Create Social Media Presence > Create posts to inform & engage current and potential clients > Online Advertising

Granted, the faster you do all of this the better, but don’t strain yourself or your finances – just build this path as you can.