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Marketing Problems


Business owners often feel the weight of the world on their shoulders as they try to balance everything required to run a successful company.

It doesn't help that marketing has so many facets: website, social media, SEO, video... (just to name a few) so it becomes too overwhelming to manage and is often put together piecemeal when, and if, someone (anyone) has time.

But, if you leave your marketing to chance, you limit the potential for growth and success of your business. Wouldn't it be great if you could have a professional marketing consultant create a marketing strategy and train your in-house person to utilize it?



You CAN have it all!

You can maximize the efforts of your in-house marketer AND have a professional marketing consultant who will build and run your high-level strategy.

Here's how it works:

  1. The consultant creates the plan, runs the operations of the plan, completes the analysis of results, and keeps your marketing team on track as your company grows.
  2. Your in-house team gets trained in strategic marketing processes and executes the marketing plan and activities that optimize your business goals.

This provides you with a long-term team member who can merge your business strategies with a marketing plan that has been mapped out by your marketing consultant.

Introducing the Certified Marketing Manager Program

This detailed marketing system has been used in thousands of small businesses and is now available as a hybrid coaching and training program that will help you build a custom marketing action plan AND hire, train and develop your internal marketing team.

How This Benefits Your Business

We bring your business a proven marketing system and a personalized training program based on your business for your marketing team - even if there's only one person.

We teach you how to build, run and implement a custom marketing system that will grow with your business. We even help you find and hire the perfect marketing manager or coordinator for your team!

You get a strategic advisor that helps develop the marketing skills, knowledge, and direction of your team.

The Certified Marketing Manager Program Includes:

  • A one-on-one coaching relationship with a small business/marketing expert
  • Complete training and development for your marketing team
  • Access to a full online training portal for your team
  • A proven marketing system that evolves as you grow
  • Tools, templates, and resources to help your team confidently build and execute a marketing action plan
  • The development of an internal asset who is a Duct Tape Marketing Certified Marketing Manager
  • No more marketing guesswork or wondering what your marketing team should do

Your marketing team will have access to a comprehensive training portal




Tools & Resources

With the Certified Marketing Manager Program, your team will have access to helpful tools, templates, worksheets and resources to help them build and implement your Marketing Action Plan.


This Program Is Perfect For:

  • Organizations who want to level up their current marketing efforts
  • Organizations who want to hire a marketing manager
  • Organizations who are committed to personal development for their team
  • Any business owners who want more clarity and control over their marketing


Want to learn how this program can work for you?

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